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Aug 20, - The bride remained in bare bottom. WIFE'S BARE BOTTOM SPANKED - mantenimientoweb.info Rita. Age: 19. I love to learn to know new cultures and countries. Sport is also very important for me.a candle light dinner, champagne bubbles, light conversation and laughs with someone special are by far this woman's favorite aphrodisiac. She was luckily for me not against trying new things and after a nice dinner one night my fantasy came through. What good is a knight in shining armor without a big sword days ago. Before I got married, my fiance' introduced me to spanking. One night I came home like real drunk, and he whipped my bare bottom with his belt about 50 times. Then he made me stand in the corner for one hour. That was 1 1/2 years ago and I have never driven drunk since. I hafta say it worked much better than a fine. Eve. Age: 21. Hi gentleman A Few Thoughts on Wives That a patient, yet firm, across the knees, bare-bottom spanking (hand or paddle)/ whipping(switch or strap) is personal, humiliating, and painful is well known. "It's supposed to *hurt*." That is precisely why, if the practice is not abused, it can be a very effective consequence or discipline! As a few husbands have discovered. Frustrating: A true, personal story from the experience, I Want My Wife To Spank My Bare Bottom Until I Cry. I have asked my wife to spank me when I need mantenimientoweb.info has mantenimientoweb.info I waited awhile (a few years) and then brought the subject up again. This time I gave her reasons that I should have be spanked for.

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Naomi. Age: 22. Thai style massage call me 702-323-8880 im friendly girl I've experienced secluded rest stop bare bottomed spankings before, except, the roles were reversed. I was over my wife's knee as she sat at the picnic bench and in 1 quick motion had my gym shorts and underwear around my ankles. On 2 different occasions women going to the restroom first heard then walked around. Tom had been thinking about this moment for the past seven hours. He had just arrived home from attending the funeral of a family friend down in Chicago, and his wife Karen had greeted him at the door with a long embrace. "Welcome home. I missed you. I hope you've appreciated the ability to sit comfortably for the past. Feb 2, - Description: An errant wife has been spanking and strapping men and women for money. When her husband fins out he gives her a dose of her own medicine! And in a moment she will have to take all her clothes off, touch her toes and receive 20 strokes of the cane. Buy My Clips Here: Spanking Library.


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