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As soon as I put my DS in the nice warm bath water, he pees! Every time @esv We have an infant tub that's reclined, so LO ends up peeing on his face or tummy. I crack up every time. After learning the hard way i just strip her to her diaper while the water is on and then put her in. I havent noticed. pee in bathtub and naming a little girl's private parts - Parenting Page 2 Blanche. Age: 30. I can do everything to you and I love to do what I'm doing Download our FREE pool maintenance calendar that'll help you stay on top of your swimming pool care this season. Never fails, each and every time I put her in the tub, she will squat and pee. Apr 7, - How in the heck do I get her to stop doing this?? IMO she has control and is doing it on purpose. I don't know why she is doing it on purpose, but that's what I think. She will pee or poop in a new diaper almost immediately (and I don't let her sit in a dirty one either so it's not like it's full). I sit her on the big potty. Krissy. Age: 27. ??Hollywood Barbie?? Your ATF is back in DFW! Let's play! In & Outcalls available! Cat peed in the bath! What do you ladies do? (obviously poo is a different story - he hasn't pooped in the bath yet but if it does happen I will most certainly take him out and clean up the bath) We put her in a regular bathtub and she sits in a baby bath seat so if she pees it goes into the bathtub. I keep the drain open and the  Do you drain the water if baby pees in the tub? - Page 5. Feb 23, - The other morning I discovered she'd weed in the bath She's often in the habit of sitting on the ledge of the bath when you're in there, dipping her We had a cat that when he couldn't get outside would pee in the drain in the toilet. it was like he knew that was where the humans went so he could use it too.

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Kenzi. Age: 28. Hi, I'm Nicole Jun 15, - Here's the moment that controversial Big Brother housemate Chanelle McCleary left house guest Gemma Collins shocked – after peeing on her in the hot tub. hi there! just a couple of questions to ask around: 1. what do you do when your toddler pees in the bathtub while taking a bath? 2. what do you teach your little girl to call her private parts? thanks a whole bunch! ^_^hi there! just a couple of questions to ask around: 1. what do you do when your toddler pees in the bathtub. Jan 6, - Mom is now pooping and peeing EVERYWHERE like a untrained puppy. she wears depends but she will pull them down anywhere and go. example such as in bed poop under her pillow, sits on edge of tub and does #1 and 2, in garbage cans, in the middle of floors, under coach coushins, she has even.


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