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Feb 14, - Asparagus contains chemicals that pass into human urine and attract fish. Asparagus contains mercaptans which are powerful chemical attractants, and when the vegetable is eaten, these chemicals pass into the urine. The pilots were told to urinate into the water, so that the. vegetables - Will asparagus make your pee attract fish? - Skeptics Stack Exchange Kristy. Age: 21. I am a girl who striding confidently towards happiness and success Catching them in antoher. WHAT could have mauled him? Aug 22, - Vic Peddemores, senior research scientist, from the New South Wales Department of Fisheries in Australia told The Sydney Morning Herald: "I would have been dead a long time ago — there is no evidence that urine attracts sharks. I have been in the water close to large sharks like a tiger shark and have. Shay. Age: 18. Hello!!!!! I am Lera, beautiful independent escort of 23 years old who is here to please you Fan Favorite: Fish Swims Up Urine Stream Aug 11, - I found an article explaining why pee smells after having eaten asparagus. It seems that it is caused by dimethyl sulfide and methanethiol. Therefore, I searched if these elements where able to attract fish. I found this on Reddit: dimethyl sulfide is one of the compounds causing the asparagus smell. The wiki. Jun 30, - The candiru, so we are told, is a small, thin, slippery fish that will enter a human urethra if that human dares to pee in the surface waters of the Amazon region of South America (the fish is reportedly attracted to urea in urine). Once inside, the story goes, the fish anchors itself with spines, sucks blood and.

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Svetlana. Age: 30. je suis maiya, une charmante jeune femme de propose aux gentleman mes services d’escort girl, je suis prкte а rйpondre а tous vos dйsirs.. Je suis de passage sur la ville rose pour quelques jours. Top Fan Favorites: Jeremy Wade investigated the true legend of a parasitic fish that swam up a man's urine stream. And the fans ATE. IT. UP. This is one of the top clips on - hear what Jeremy has to say about it. May 12, - The same kind of fish die-off happen when agricultural run-off reaches rivers and lakes—the run-off includes lots of fertilizer, which is basically urine, after all. And Eichbaum's fish may be facing an unusual additional danger: Hamburg University scientists have reportedly found a particular type of algae in. Nov 3, - Urine of dominant males contains a pheromone irresistible to females-a discovery that could improve fish farming, a new study says.


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