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Aug 11, - Showers. Showers. By: Edward It was late by the time Harry finished Quidditch practice. It was even later still when he decided that he'd had enough of flying. Even exhausted from worry about Draco's gaze drifted over him like a caress and Harry suddenly felt very naked. Hell, he was very naked. Harry Potter Kinkfest - Works | Archive of Our Own Nickey. Age: 30. I love sex and enjoy it! She seemed to like that, but it didn't take much for that action to seem repetitive too. Little did he know that each movement — every gentle bump of her thigh against his at meetings, and every not-so-accidental glimpse of her underwear — was all purposeful. Feb 1, - Severus' eyes narrowed again, but this time at the naked woman he had pressed against him. What did she mean, 'you'd have heard'? The sound of Peeve's manic laughter drifted away and Severus shook himself mentally. Stomping out of the shower he grabbed his wand from his pocket and began to. Lexxi. Age: 24. I love meeting new friends and love seeing my returning friends Harry Potter (Mostly Drarry) One Shots Jul 5, - Molly accidentally walks in on Harry in the shower. Harry had completely cleaned himself several times, but didn't dare step out of the shower, the warm water was a welcome relief after the frozen, Christmas-y air of the rest of the house. . Harry had been stood in front of me, completely naked. My name is Gregory Ronald Simcock. The Harry Potter stories I had creatively built upon, using my.

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Becca. Age: 22. My name is Alina, i'm very nice russian girl, very hot and sexy Jun 14, - shower was hitting on him. Based off the joke: "Every time I get naked in the bathroom, my shower gets turned on." He showered twice a day – more if there was Quidditch practice – and abhorred anyone who didn't bother with Proper Hygiene, namely Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. With his need to be. After he sees Harry Potter naked in the Auror showers once, Draco can't stop thinking about him. (Prequel to Lost In Your Arms.) Series. Part 1 of Tales from the Special Branch. Language: English; Words: 14,; Chapters: 1/1; Collections: 1; Comments: ; Kudos: ; Bookmarks: ; Hits: Control by I_Slasher. Harry felt his breath quicken as he took in her naked form. Those long curls around her shoulders, those soft, smooth curves, those pouty breasts. Hermione didn't seem in the slightest bit embarrassed as she slowly stepped into the shower. As quick as a flash, they were in each other's arms again, kissing passionately and.


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