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I had bi-lateral inguinal hernia surgery back in February, I normally wake up with an erection(just a part of being a man). However, after the surgery a couple days, the erection felt funny. After the 4th or 5th day, I wanted to see what it felt like to have an orgasm/ejaculation, because I was feeling pretty. Hernias and orgasms? HELP! - Hernia - MedHelp Dana. Age: 30. iґm a black lady based in nuremberg germany. I am trustworthy, honest and above all discreet. Providing elegance, glamour and sophistication. I promise you a sensual, fabulous time and i look forward to hearing from you. Patients under 20 years of age, sexually inactive and with a history of secondary hernia surgery were excluded. Fri Oct 12, 7: Orgasm after hernia surgery - Hello, I've had never a problem with achieving an orgasm before, now since my abdominal hernia repair surgery, I am unable to get an G-spot orgasm. Hernia repair. It is unlikely that the repair interfered with the nerve supply to your clitoral area. It may be just caused by some anxiety on your. Alessandra. Age: 18. Welcome to my profile gentleman Hernias and orgasms? HELP! Feb 8, - I had a inguinal hernia and had surgery 11 days ago. My question is how long should i wait before having sex or my wife giving me oral sex. This topic is answered by a medical expert. Pain with ejaculation and orgasm may be related to mesh:vas deferens interface. It should resolve with time. If it doesn't, see a specialist. Rarely, the mesh may need to be lifts off the spermatic cord. Otherwise there is no correlation. I had a similar experience to the OP. I had my inguinal repair with mesh

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Sadina. Age: 22. No extra photos, so don't ask Painful ejaculate post open hernia repair. Your surgery involves mesh placement and suturing onto the pelvis muscles. Strong contractions of any kind early after surgery, such as with orgasm or certain exercises, may cause pain and even stress the repair in rare cases. Also, the mesh is typically adjacent. Jun 16, - This report comes from one of our survey respondents It's now days since my right inguinal hernia repair, open using mesh. From the morning after surgery there has been complete loss of orgasm and all erogenous/erotic feeling. The doctors are in total denial. This happens more often than they care to. Orgasm pain after inguinal mesh surgery. Hello,I had inguinal mesh repair done 6 days ago. Since the surgery, right as i'm about to orgasm and the entire region tenses up i get a pretty strong pain in the area where the repair was done (it feels like testicle pain i think), and last abou Conditions and  Sexual Dysfunction following hernia repair with mesh.


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