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For first time dog owners, especially, there is a lot of confusion regarding Poodle anal glands. Anal glands that "pop" can expel quite an overpowering smell that is why some owners refer to this as "odor glands" or "stink glands". All dogs, both male and female, have a pair of. Schnauzer FAQ. YOUR chance to ask questions about Schnauzers (and Schnoodles) Bridgette. Age: 29. I'm ready to expand your mind body and erotic limitations to find your true pleasures!! He won't be doing anything. Nov 11, - When we came home he started dragging his butt on the rug and when we looked at his anus its all red and swollen. My cousin doesn't have much money so I'll take him to the vet tomorrow if you think its necessary. INFO: Name: Teddy Breed: Schnoodle Age: About years old (we found him stray a 1 1/2. Tatiyana. Age: 20. Gentlemen Over 35 Only My 10 month old Schnoodles (Schnauzer/Poodle) testicles are… Indeed, it is a tumor in the anal sac and the ultrasound showed enlarged lymph nodes in the sublumbar. . My 11 year old schnoodle started becoming lethargic, drinking a lot of water & just not being himself about 4 years ago, when the vet ran tests, he found a large tumor near his anal area and referred me to the. He's a schnoodle, he is neutered. His stomach is not huge but it is a little bloated. he's not dragging his butt on the floor.I don't think he was bitten. I think he's having trouble pooping or he's in pain. My husband says his urine is very dark, kinda brownish. His gums are very white. His butt cheeks are swollen on both sides.

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Tricia. Age: 21. I am looking forward meeting intelligent generous gentleman wanting to spend a very pleasant and delicious time with a beautiful, charming, elegant, luxury girl. I am having stunning sensual body, soft velvety skin, gorgeous smile, erotic lips and beautiful natural breasts. I am very playful and sexy by nature, very easy-going and attractive personality with sense of humor. My 10 month old Schnoodle's (Schnauzer/Poodle) testicles are very red, swollen with scaly skin. Is this a serious condition and one I need to find a vet open on Sunday to take him to? Or is there a home remedy I can use. I've put a little tea tree oil antibacterial ointment on it last night but he keeps licking it off! He is eating. Dec 24, - I remembered that the weeks before the swollen tail, Sugi was biting at his rear end as though he had fleas, and scooting his bum along the carpet. We would comb him but didn't find any evidence of fleas. I finally took him to one of our vets, Kathy Kramer who said he has inflamed anal glands! The anal. Protrusion of the rectum and anus in dogs transpires from the rectal layers, all or in part, dropping down and extending outside the opening of the anus. I - Wag! (formerly Vetary) He may massage the area to help reduce the swelling and be able to manually put the tissue back into its proper place. This will also require  Missing: schnoodle.


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