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Jun 3, - 1) For those who plan to wait until marriage to have sex, masturbation can be a healthy way of dealing with natural sexual desire while single. . That's a problem, because my lines about what is sinful are not your lines, and making you conform to my lines in something as intensely complicated as sexuality. Is Masturbation a Sin and Wrong? What the Bible Says Cindy. Age: 25. im young university lady, originally from the czech republic but living in spain - barcelona. These will be powerful passages to have in your arsenal of weapons. Masturbation is an exercise of imagination and visualization; typically there is no interaction with another human being. Because my job is to talk to women about sex, there are few questions that I haven't heard and haven't answered. However, there is one common question that I don't like to answer. It involves the "M" word—masturbation. One of the reasons I dread this question is because there is no clear answer. I could take the easy road. Aleska. Age: 18. you can be assured that you will feel comfortable in my presence. Covenant Eyes Is sexual self-stimulation a serious sin, or just a harmless and natural way of releasing sexual energy? What can a person do to break the habit of masturbation if he or she is feeling guilty or uneasy about it? Not sure if this is in the right category or not Is it still a sin if you're not thinking lustful thoughts? Sometimes I do this when I have.

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Emma. Age: 26. Have you ever cum so intensely that you thought you would pass out Oct 19, - Our humility is crucial to overcoming sin. The reason for this is that when we are humble, we admit that we have a sin problem. In this case, we're in love with pleasing ourselves! (It feels good!) Although pleasing ourselves is not necessarily a sin, as we have already seen, with masturbation it is. So the first. Most Christians agree that God made sex to be good and that sex is an important part of marriage. But nothing is said about self-pleasuring sex before, after, or during marriage. However, there is a long history within the Christian faith of masturbation being considered sinful. In fact, until , all forms of contraception were. Oct 22, - Masturbation is healthy for teenage girls, it helps them understand their bodies better. Sometimes Christians amaze me with how backed up their vaginas are, like holy cow. Get real. Some studies have even shown that people who masturbate are more likely to have fulfilling sexual relationships, AND IT.


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